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Food Explorers Challenge

The Food Explorers Challenge is a three-part food exploration series including Fruits of the World, Vegetables of the World, and Grains, Beans, and Seeds of the World. The first in the series, Fruits of the World, introduces your children to a variety of fruit from around the world. The next two in the series, Vegetables of the World and Grains, Beans, and Seeds of the World, will be available in June 2024 and December 2024 respectively. The Challenge program is designed for children ages 7 to 11 and is filled with unique at-home activities that promote children’s exploration of healthy foods.

The Food Explorers Challenge Kit

Each Food Explorers kit contains five different sets of educational materials that interact with each other, as well as a Parent Guide. Each kit includes:

Explorers Journal

 92-page booklet filled with fascinating information about the 6 classifications of fruit, which we call “Teams”, each with 8 examples of each type of fruit, children’s reflection questions about the fruit once tasted, quizzical drawing challenges, food science experiments, vocabulary, and word puzzles, drawing and art projects, and a glossary. 

Peel-Off Stickers 

48 peel-off stickers that are used with the Explorers Journal. Children are asked to place a sticker on that fruit’s page in the journal once they have tasted the fruit.

World Map 

Flash Cards

48 “baseball-style” cards. Each card has a graphic representation of fruit on one side, and nutritional information and fun facts on the other side. The fruits are divided by category and “teams” just like sports teams. These cards can be used by parents to test their children’s knowledge about the food on each card. They can also be used by children to collect, trade, and play with as they choose.

Recipe Cards 

24 recipes (12 two-sided cards) that incorporate the fruits your children try throughout each challenge.

Parent Guide 

A map with country names where your children are asked to locate where each fruit was discovered. 

A guide that provides information that will make implementing the Food Explorers Challenge program easy for you and rewarding for your children.

Purchase Your

Food Explorers Challenge

For a fee of:

$40 for 1 Child

$55 for 2 Children
$70 for 3 Children
You will receive a Parent Guide,  a Children’s Explorers Journal, Trading Cards, Peel-off Stickers, Recipe Cards, and a World Map

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