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Children participating in the 1st-5th grade residency program.

Our Work In New York City

Children participating in our programs have educational experiences around food, tasting, nutrition, and health that are developmentally appropriate and build upon previous concepts and experiences.

All our programs are hands-on and exploratory based, as well as including opportunities for writing and drawing and contain take-home materials for families with recipes, related activities, and opportunities for further discovery.

Read below to find the right program for your school or community!

3rd grade children participating in the 1st-5th grade residency.

We implement 4 sessions long, weekly programs for all children in the 1st-5th grades at each of our participating schools, ensuring a “whole school” approach to food education for both children, teachers, and families.  

For After-Schools

Spoons Cooking Club is designed for summer camps that want to incorporate a food literacy component to their programming.  Spoons Cooking Club is an 8-session food and nutrition literacy program for children 6-13 years old.

Kids eating fruit.
A school recieves the Food Exploration Project

The Food Exploration Project is a food and nutrition literacy program for 1st through 6th-grade children that provides hands-on activities such as tasting new foods, learning about nutrition and cooking skills, and making simple recipes. The program promotes balanced and healthful eating and has participants from 16 schools across 7 states.

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